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Duell's portrayal of Michael Corinthos garnered him nominations for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series in 2011, 20.

This was followed by his nomination and win for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2015.

Chad Lewis Duell (born September 14, 1987) is an American actor.

He is best known for playing Michael Corinthos on the American soap opera General Hospital.

The two shared some adorable pictures together, and as we all know, a picture speaks for itself right?

But the fact that the two are less public regarding their relationship these days leads people to speculate and wonder if they still are together.

“General Hospital” (GH) spoilers are in and it is splitsville for a real-life soap have been wondering what was up ever since photos came out in July showing them frolicking together in Malibu.The twosome was seen running around on the beach having fun, but the snapshots of them getting cozy in the ocean waves were most questionable.Well, the truth lies between the two related parties. Regardless of the fact as to what the connection between Kristen and Josh is, we surely do know that Kristen and Stephen Mendola are a thing.The two were in a relationship and still might be in a relationship with one another.