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All have found a connection, that elusive thing that binds them to another human being. I certainly don’t make it a part of my usual routine of alternating between the internet and whatever’s on TV, but occasionally I’ll come across a poem and be completely shocked at how relevant it is to my love life.As a dating blogger, I can write and muse about love and relationships til my fingers come off.

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Because without these smaller moments this massive moment wouldn’t be happening.

“Estimations had been made for the timing of this poem in the past, but we were able to scientifically confirm the season that corresponds to her specific descriptions of the night sky in the year 570 B.

C.”Cuntz and co-author and astronomer Levent Gurdemir, director of the Planetarium at UTA, used advanced software called Starry Night version 7.3, to identify the earliest date that the Pleiades would have set at midnight or earlier in local time in 570 B. The Planetarium system Digistar 5 also allows creating the night sky of ancient Greece for Sappho’s place and time.“Use of Planetarium software permits us to simulate the night sky more accurately on any date, past or future, at any location,“ said Gurdemir.

You’re a dream come true, and I love you.’‘Chris, the girl that walked into this villa seven weeks ago is a very different girl to the one who’s walking out, and you are the reason for that.

You’re cheeky, funny and the way you love me has brought out a softer side to me I hadn’t wanted to show in a very long time.